Pirates organized an illegal boxing match stream through the reflection in glasses

Recently on YouTube there was a broadcast of a boxing match for the title of "YouTube champion" between famous bloggers and influencers KSI and Logan Paul. The administration of the platform itself did not miss the opportunity to monetize the stream and closed access to it with a paid subscription. The pirates did not remain in debt and gracefully bypassed the restrictions set, making a big joke on the YouTubers.

The fight was broadcast on a closed channel, with paid access and for a limited audience. A certain unnamed man signed up, and when the fight began, he launched a stream on his own channel. At the same time, the stream camera was aimed at his face, and he himself put on large mirrored glasses. And the picture from the monitor was perfectly reflected in them - the quality was terrible, but it was easy to follow the progress of the fight.

About 11, 000 people joined the stream and watched the video without paying a cent. Some at the same time sometimes asked the streamer "not to move your head" - they say, it is difficult to watch. At the same time, of course, the duel's stream was broadcast on the same YouTube platform as the original video - pirates cannot be denied the sophisticated trolling of the service.

Officially, KSI won this match, but many were in favor that the victory should be awarded to the pirates. The YouTube administration diligently monitored and blocked those who tried to stream video using software tools, but the glasses trick came as a complete surprise to them. Indeed, 1-0 in favor of the pirates.