Smartphone charging rope

Most of us spend a lot of time on the couch with some kind of electronic gadget. What if we had to get up and exercise just to get the gadget to work?

This is exactly the scenario offered by the kinetic jump rope PULSE. It looks like the most common rubber skipping rope, but it has one interesting feature. Hidden in its handles are two tiny dynamos connected to a battery. When you jump, the rotational energy is converted into electricity and stored in the battery. These supplies can be used, for example, to recharge your smartphone.

As with all forms of exercise and sports, incentive is key. For example, you can try to conduct an experiment, will you be able to do without stationary energy sources at all and charge your smartphone only from a jump rope. Plus it will benefit your health.

Uncharted Play's PULSE Rope is out now, though in a limited beta run of 100. The rope is priced at $ 129.