Scientists have created a glass panel only three atoms thick

A group of scientists unveiled the world's thinnest glass plate. The achievement of the researchers was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

The record-breaking thinnest plate was created by a team of scientists from Austria, Germany, USA and Finland. The glass is only three atomic layers thick. Thanks to this, scientists managed to illuminate it with an electron beam for the first time to obtain an image of individual atoms.

It turned out that the structure of thin glass is more similar to the crystal lattice of graphene, but it is irregular and consists of cells of different sizes.

It is noteworthy that the thin glass was obtained quite by accident. Samples of the material were found on one of the graphene samples grown on a silica glass substrate.

As the scientists note, the new ultrathin glass can be used to analyze the atomic structure of amorphous materials, as well as to create electronic optical devices.