Philips has developed a new ultra-efficient LED lamp

The novelty was named SlimStyle. It has an unusual flat shape and has already achieved Energy Star certification for products with very low energy consumption. The light bulb is a 10.5 watt LED with an illumination intensity of 800 lumens.

The flat shape, uncharacteristic for light bulbs, is explained by the fact that it was she who made it possible to disperse the LEDs over the entire surface of the product for uniform heat distribution. The lamp has an enviable durability of 25, 000 hours, which corresponds to twenty years, provided it is used for three hours a day.

SlimStyle emits a warm white light with a color of 2700 K. The price of the new type of bulbs will be about $ 9, but in some regions of the United States the lamp will be sold for only $ 1.97.