KeySmart is a compact device instead of a huge bunch of keys

The need to control a large number of premises and vehicles is associated, as a rule, with another need - to constantly carry with you an impressive bunch of keys in your pocket or on a special belt strap. Of course, you can get used to it, but some discomfort still remains.

However, why endure even minor inconveniences when a compact device called KeySmart appeared. It strikingly resembles the well-known pocket knife with several different blades. The fact is that almost all keys in the upper part have holes from 10 to 55 mm, through which they can be fixed with screws on one handle of the device and removed from there as needed.

So on one KeySmart you can place up to 10 keys. If the buyer wishes, the manufacturer is ready to offer a more spacious version, moreover, with a discount. The advantage is obvious: the bundle, due to the base of aluminum and stainless steel, weighs much less, and also takes up less space in the pocket. The average KeySmart cost is about $ 17.