Scientists create cheese from human bacteria

There are a great many varieties of cheese and each person can choose it to their liking. But there is a cheese that is unlikely to please even gourmets and exotic lovers. human bacteria are used to create it.

A unique type of cheese called Dubbed Selfmade was demonstrated at the exhibition of synthetic microbiology “Grow Your Own. Life After Nature ". It was created by Christina Agapakis in collaboration with fragrance expert Sissel Tolaas.

To create the cheese, enzymes made from bacteria that "live" on the human body were used. Thanks to this, the cheese becomes truly individual - it conveys the smell of the human body, on the basis of the bacteria of which it was created. Agree, very unappetizing.

However, Dubbed Selfmade cheese is not edible. According to its creators, the cheese is intended to draw public attention to the human body and bacteria.