Israeli scientists have found a way to get energy from plants

Israeli scientists said they had found a way to get hydrogen from plants. They hope the new technology will allow plants to be used as a source of energy. The discovery was made in the laboratory of Tel Aviv University, in the experiment, scientists used microalgae.

“To connect any device to an energy source, you need to find a connection point. In the case of plants, we just didn't know how to do it, ”says Iftah Yakobi, head of the university's Renewable Energy Laboratory.

In their experiment, Israeli scientists introduced the enzyme hydrogenase into microalgae, which allowed them to actively produce hydrogen, an already well-known source of energy. Previously, algae were thought to produce hydrogen during a single peak reaction that occurs at dawn. However, the observations of Tel Aviv researchers have shown that this process accompanies traditional photosynthesis throughout the day. The achievement of Jacobi's team was that they were able to use genetic tools to increase the production of such hydrogen by 400 percent.

Jacobi warns that it can take up to 20 years before this technology is fully developed and commercialized. These studies were published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science.