The TaylorMade Spider smart golf club helps improve your technique

The renowned golf accessories manufacturer TaylorMade has developed the Spider interactive golf club. With its help, after the end of the game, players will be able to literally “sort through” each blow. This, according to the developers, will give them the opportunity to improve the technique of the game.

Inside the grip of the interactive stick is a motion capture sensor that works with a smartphone app that analyzes every movement of the player.

Spider records the force of impact, straight travel time, pace, speed and angle of rotation of the club. All this is taken into account in the application and can be used as an "archive" for drawing up interactive graphs that track the progress of the player over time.

The app also includes training modules and exercises designed to hone your playing technique with built-in video recording for review and analysis.

The Spider will go on sale March 23 for $ 399, complete with a wireless charger for a removable sensor and a storage bag.