In Japan, patrol drones will expel incorrigible workaholics from offices

Japanese construction company Taisei and drone manufacturer Blue Innovations have teamed up to develop the T-FREND drone. It is an autonomous flying drone designed for use inside office buildings only. He patrols the area at the end of the working day and identifies those who violate the regime - workaholic suicides and industrial spies.

The term "karoshi" means a purely Japanese phenomenon - death from overwork at work. In 2017, 25% of all Japanese companies assigned employees 80+ hours of overtime per month, but even more often workers go to overtime themselves. And die from fatigue and stress. To reduce the death rate among staff, literally drive people from the office home to the building and launch T-FREND patrol drones.

Drones move around offices without GPS, they move along standard routes, observing the schedule of the working day. The machine is equipped with an acoustic system that broadcasts the melody "Hotaru no Hikari", the traditional Japanese signal for school endings, store closings, and more. An ordinary employee cannot turn off the drone or hide from it - it is assumed that the staff will develop a habit at the sight of a music guard to finish work and go home.

In addition to the speakers, there are CCTV cameras and pass scanners on board. And if someone from the staff is where he should not be, it will be easier for the security service to identify it. Similarly, the security of the premises is partially simplified, because the robot does not know when it is tired and works all night long. Plus, unlike a human watchman, the drone is not afraid of that very overtime.