What has eight legs, two arrows, and is worth $ 36,000?

In the age of satellites and digital wireless technologies, the very word "chronometer" is almost forgotten. But the Swiss company MB&F has figured out how to attract interest in antique products. And together with the studio L'Epée 1839 they created a table clock "Octopod" similar to a spider-robot.

The device is completely mechanical, there is no power source, not a single chip, but the watch needs to be wound manually every 8 days. Each leg has autonomous mobility, so the "octopodic" can squat and bend in the most bizarre poses. This will not affect the field of view of the dial - it rotates in three-dimensional space regardless of the base.

The concept of the Octopod is borrowed from ancient marine instruments, which were supposed to maintain a stable position in any roll. The design of the bubble sphere is from the same place, from the novels about the voyages of bathyscaphes into the depths of the oceans. At the same time, the entire watch mechanism remains visible and, as it were, hovers inside the glass shell. To create a believable illusion, the Swiss worked a lot with anti-reflective coatings and camouflage of the fasteners.

Octopod watches are 28 to 45 cm wide and 22-28 cm wide with legs bent and fully extended. The accessory weighs 4, 2 kg, and is available in black, blue or silver colors, but no more than 50 pieces of each color. And therefore, the price for a table chronometer is 35, 000 Swiss francs, which is approximately equal to $ 36, 000.