Subway launches its first synthetic meat sandwich

In September, Subway launches the sale of a new product called the evolutionary evolution of the classic sandwich. This is the Beyond Meatball Marinara sandwich with meatballs and marinara sauce, which will replace the usual “saba”. The difference between them is that instead of real meat, it contains high-tech imitation.

The new pseudo-beef meatballs for Subway will be supplied by Beyond Meat, which has previously entered into identical contracts with other fast food chains in the US and Canada. Its representatives are proud of their successes and assure that they will be profitable by the end of the year. And it will expand the meat-replacement product line to include lean protein foods to support the meat-free movement.

Such activity of the producer of "protein soybean mass" and restaurant chains is not accidental. Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of soy leghemoglobin, the very same meat substitute made from plant-derived proteins. This means that products "with imitation meat" in the United States are recognized as safe and can be used absolutely legally.