Microsoft Award for Smart Shower Goes to Moscow Students

This year, Microsoft's annual hackathon focused on the Internet of Things. Among its nominees were students of the Moscow State Machine-Building University, who developed a "smart" shower. The main idea of ​​this unusual novelty is to endow the shower with the ability to recognize its regular user by sight and provide the water temperature that is familiar to him.

The "recognition" system is represented by a webcam. Based on the results of several shower visits, she remembers the person's face, as well as his temperature preferences. To do this, she must undergo a special machine learning course based on information received from temperature sensors in real time.

Entering a booth with a "smart" shower, you don't have to worry about the water temperature. After identification, it will give out exactly what you are used to. Moreover, in case of deviations, it will regulate the water supply and provide a given thermal regime.

The organizer of the hackathon, Microsoft, awarded the developers of the "smart" soul the third place.