New London skyscraper will receive a transparent pool instead of a roof

Compass Pools designed the Infinity London skyscraper with a fantastic swimming pool instead of a roof. The entire upper part of the building will be a single transparent pool, without any additional structures, railings and bounding boards. That is, all visitors to "Infinity London" will be able to enjoy the panorama of the British capital from a height of 220 m through transparent acrylic walls.

The most intriguing structural element is a kind of air lock, combined with a retractable spiral staircase. The architects say they were inspired by the solutions that are used on submarines, and they categorically abandoned any structures on the roof. Only the smooth surface of the water with people swimming and a 360-degree view. But what if it rains with hail, and what about the winter, which is rather unpleasant in London?

The pool will have a partially transparent bottom to let in sunlight and create a view from the inside of the building. The skyscraper itself is equipped with a system for collecting hot air from air conditioners - the gas is directed to heat the water in the pool. There are also wind speed sensors on the roof to prevent water from spilling out, plus designer lighting that transforms the pool into a glittering diamond at night.

The project is almost ready, but Compass Pools does not yet have a customer and has not signed contracts with contractors. The place where Infinity London could be built is unknown, as well as the estimate of the project.