The grenade will increase the capacity of the batteries

A group of scientists from Stanford University and the US Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, who have been studying and creating new batteries for the past eight years, presented their new development - a battery that resembles ... grenades.

The anode of the new silicon battery consists of silicon nanoparticles that are formed into clusters like pomegranate grains. This will make it possible to create light and compact, but at the same time powerful and durable rechargeable batteries, which will find their application in mobile devices and electric cars, which are popular today.

The new battery has ten times the capacity of current batteries of the same size. It has already passed laboratory tests and has proven that it retains its 97% efficiency even after thousands of recharges. The developers are confident in the success of their brainchild and hope for an early commercialization of the project.