Experts say the internet will disappear in 2014

Already in 2014 Internet may disappear. At least, this is the opinion of Alexander Gostev, an expert at Kaspersky Lab.

In his next report, Gostev says that in 2014, the Internet in the global sense may disappear forever. And it will be replaced by "local" national networks. In other words, each country will have its own network with domestic services and websites, and access to foreign Internet resources for local users will be significantly limited.

At the moment, a similar situation is observed only in China, where the "Great Firewall" is in effect. But soon other states, including Russia, may follow the example of the Celestial Empire. Even now, after the scandal with the former CIA and NSA employee Edward Snowden, many countries are making legislative changes to the IT sphere and intend to impose a ban on the use of certain services.

According to the expert, more frequent cases of cyber attacks can also lead to the disappearance of the global Internet.