L'Oreal's 'Virtual Makeover' Will Change Appearance During Video Call

The ubiquitous transition to video communication in 2020 led to the understanding that you also need to monitor your virtual image on the screen. And if someone is limited to putting on a good shirt and tie, then the L'Oreal brand has gone further and offers to change makeup right during a video call.

The idea of ​​using photo filters and graphic add-ons for selfies is not new, so L'Oreal calculated the development of this direction back in 2018 and bought Modiface. She specializes in augmented reality systems and, commissioned by the brand, has developed a number of tools for "virtual make-up". Officially, the new product is called "Signature Face" and allows you to add lipstick, eye coloring and hair treatment to your face on the screen in real time.

At its core, Signature Face is the same set of selfie filters, only implemented at an advanced level. In particular, they now integrate organically into different services for platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Snap Camera, and Google Duo. When a user launches Houseparty or Zoom, the option is available immediately. The advertisement directly encourages the girls to "play pranks" and unnoticeably for the interlocutor to dye their hair or add eye shadow to observe his reaction and revive the dialogue.