Mathematicians calculate the optimal method of boarding an airplane

Everyone who has ever flown a passenger airliner will probably remember the exhausting and hectic landing process. Unfortunately, even with the presence of modern digital technologies, no revolutionary progress in this direction has yet occurred: the speed of passengers moving from the check-in counter to their seats in the cabin remains depressingly slow.

CGP Gray, an American-Irish educational YouTube channel, posted a video that proposes a radical optimization and landing acceleration method. The trick is to arrange the passengers in the queue in a special order so that as many people as possible put their bags in the luggage boxes at the same time.

However, having read the video on YouTube, you can understand that this method is only relevant for programmed machines, but not for "live" passengers. But even its simplified version, when they sequentially occupy different rows or different sides, can improve planting efficiency. The airlines have the last word - whether they want to try such a clever method in the interests of passengers.