Triton - a respirator concept that allows you to breathe underwater

The ocean remains one of the unknown frontiers of our world. In fact, we know very little about the blue expanses that cover 71% of the globe. The problem is that people are not very good at breathing underwater in the absence of oxygen. The new concept from the arsenal of James Bond is aimed precisely at eliminating this shortcoming.

The aptly named Triton gadget is a respirator of the original design and is designed to stay under water .. in a living state. All the user has to do is put it on and breathe. The newt functions like a gill, that is, it produces oxygen from the surrounding water.

The principle of the respirator is based on a technology developed by a Korean scientist: a filter of the finest woven threads does not allow water molecules to pass through, but oxygen does. Oxygen inflated by a mini-compressor is stored in a small reservoir, from where it goes further into the respiratory tract of a person. Triton's only limitation is the battery that powers the compressor, which requires more efficient parameters than current technology can provide.

Despite the fact that the concept requires a new generation battery for its implementation, in case of a successful outcome, Triton has every chance of success.