Surgical adhesive MeTro seals any wounds in 60 seconds

Modern surgical adhesives that "seal" wounds have long proven their effectiveness: after them, wounds heal faster, and complications are less frequent.

Researchers from the University of Sydney, together with their American colleagues, have developed MeTro surgical glue, which, after being inserted into a wound, "seals" it for a minute, and then dissolves.

According to Associate Professor Nazim Annabi, the glue, once in the wound, solidifies in the form of a gel. MeTro is a mixture of highly elastic proteins with light-sensitive molecules, due to which it is fixed in the wound under the influence of ultraviolet rays within a minute.

MeTro allows the operated lungs to retain their natural elasticity

At the same time, a close bond of the adhesive with the structures on the surface of the tissues is formed and their elasticity is preserved. The glue contains special enzymes that can be used to determine how long the gel will stay in the wound, ranging from hours to several months.

The high elasticity of MeTro makes it suitable for the treatment of intracavitary wounds in places where bodily fluids have a destructive effect. Experiments on rodents and pigs have shown good results. Experiments with people are next.