The computer system will increase the resolution of conventional microscopes

Thanks to research at the California Institute of Technology, conventional microscopes will soon be able to achieve higher resolution. Instead of replacing optics, Caltech scientists suggest using a computer program to process images.

The main hardware change to the microscope is the installation of an array of 150 LEDs instead of a conventional lamp. Turning on each light bulb in the array produces 150 different images of the same object in question. Each picture will differ slightly from each other by a slight shift in one direction. Then it's up to the computer. He will bring all the images into a single whole.

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In the end, the resulting photograph will be 100 times more informative than than that obtained with a conventional microscope. The cost of upgrading one microscope will be about $ 200. Scientists believe the new technology could be useful in areas such as digital pathology or forensics. In addition, it can be used by hospitals in developing countries.