Japanese pianist Yoshiki performed in a musical duel with his own hologram

This past weekend at the SXSW festival, Japanese rock star Yoshiki used his own hologram to perform together. This was done in an attempt to diversify the show a little, and also to the delight of the musician's fans, for whom Yoshiki alone on stage is not enough.

Yoshiki is a musician, composer, producer and frontman of the heavy metal band X Japan. However, in addition to this, he sometimes performs as a classical pianist. This time, he appeared on the stage of the festival in two versions of himself at once, on both sides of a double grand piano. The performance of this duo lasted about two minutes and was accompanied by intense playing and active gestures from both sides of the piano.

This show was the presentation of Yoshiki's future unique world tour, which will begin in Costa Mesa, California on April 25 this year.