The MUNIN project will make unmanned tankers a reality

Autonomous tanker project

In the world of fantasy, robots have been doing everything for us for a very long time. A perfect world where you don't have to work. Despite the fact that everyone knows how such utopias end, people continue to strive for them. For example, Rolls Royce has been working on the MUNIN project for some time, which will allow tankers to sail without a crew.

However, in addition to England, seven more European states are investing in this project, and it is planned that in twenty years autonomous, 200-meter vessels will plow the great ocean without human participation.

It is expected that the benefit will lie not only in fuel savings, but also in a reduced chance of error due to “human error”, because more than 75% of accidents at sea occur for this reason.

No one now knows exactly how these prospects will end, and how much they will affect the global economy, but in any case, progress is such a locomotive that it is very difficult to stop just by getting in its way. Hopefully, robots won't replace us all in the future.