Google X jetpacks are still too noisy and lacking in power

Secret Lab Google X has been entrusted with the daunting task of reinventing the future. Starting with Google Glass and driverless cars, Google X continues to make our wildest dreams come true. Currently, laboratory specialists are trying to create a jetpack.

“Building a jetpack is a feasible task, ” says laboratory director Astro Teller. - But the problem is different. The satchel is not yet energy efficient enough. One gallon of fuel lasts only a quarter of a mile. Plus, the knapsack is too loud. "

According to Teller, technology must go one step further to make the sound from a jetpack at least equal to that of a motorcycle. Then the knapsack flying over your house will not create panic. But who knows, perhaps by the time such technologies appear, Google X will already be working on levitation or teleportation.

In order to focus on a really interesting and practical idea, Google X has to reject up to a hundred projects a year, so as not to spend a long time on research and development, and then fail. Experiments that are found to be practical and feasible are transferred to further development. Glasses and autonomous cars are two of Google X's most successful projects.And jetpacks are worth thinking about again in 50 years.