British scientists have made an Internet map of the world

British scientists have presented a new map of the world. It was compiled based on the number of Internet users in each country.

The new internet map was developed by experts from the Oxford Internet Institute. It differs from a regular map of the world in that the size of the territory of a state on it depends on the number of people with access to the Internet, and the color depends on the percentage of Internet users to the total population.

China is the main internet power. True, only 20-40% of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom have access to the Internet. The second place is taken by the United States.

The map shows that more than 80% of all residents of the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, Qatar, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Scandinavian countries have access to the Internet. In Russia, the same indicator is at the level of 40-60%.

It is also worth noting that about 42% of all Internet users in the world live in Asian countries. And their number, experts are convinced, will only grow.