Why were 96 million plastic balls thrown into the water?

For several years in a row, the state of California has been experiencing an unprecedented drought that has led to a severe shortage of drinking water. The state leadership is seriously thinking about preserving fresh water sources from catastrophic fumes.

Once again, the old truth was confirmed that everything ingenious is simple. The idea to use black plastic balls to protect the surface of the water from the scorching rays of the sun comes from Dr. Brian White, a retired Los Angeles-based retiree, after he learned about the use of such balloons to scare away birds in bodies of water near the runways.

The balls, each worth 36 cents, are slightly larger than an apple. The black color effectively reflects ultraviolet rays. At present, they have filled the Elysian and Ivanho reservoirs near the town of Huppert Stone. With the help of balls, it was possible to reduce the evaporation rate by 85-90%.

Mayor Eric Garcetti worked with his administration to launch 20, 000 shadow balloons as part of a $ 34 million water source protection project. According to experts, these costs should be more than compensated for and save $ 250 million in the future.