Russian Railways will consider the technology of tunneling without explosions, proposed by Tomsk scientists

Tunneling is one of the most difficult stages in railway construction. And here it is not possible without new technologies. Recently, the attention of Russian Railways specialists was attracted by an original method developed by Tomsk scientists. At first glance, it has nothing to do with tunneling, but is associated with the disposal of old concrete structures, but it can be successfully used to destroy rocks.

If earlier the old concrete structures were simply blown up, then the new technology completely excludes the use of explosives. Its function is performed by a powerful electrical discharge, which is transmitted to the destructible medium through a liquid. Now scientists are trying to use polyethylene for this, as the most efficient energy converter.

Under the action of the discharge, durable materials begin to collapse in an absolutely safe mode. This will save the tunnel builders from having to temporarily stop work, which is typical for "explosive" technology.

Specialists from Tomsk have created for this a compact, inexpensive mobile unit, the merits of which are currently being studied by workers of the West Siberian Railway.