New material kills 99.9% of bacteria in water using sunlight

Researchers at Yangzhou University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a new, highly effective and safe way to remove bacteria from water.

Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the two-dimensional sheet of crystalline carbon nitride purifies up to 10 liters of water in one hour, killing almost all harmful bacteria. This type of cleaning is called photocatalytic disinfection and is an attractive alternative to chlorination and ozone disinfection.

The principle of this technology is quite simple. Various materials can be used as photocatalysts in water. In essence, this means that in the process of absorbing light waves of a certain length, oxidative reactions in water are accelerated, as a result of which molecules of reactive oxygen species are formed, which kill microorganisms.

Using only light, scientists have found that two-dimensional sheets of carbon nitride effectively purify polluted water by killing 99.99% of all E.coli bacteria in just 30 minutes.

According to the developers, it will not be difficult to reproduce such a cleaning system on an industrial scale. It is not expensive to synthesize crystalline carbon nitride, and the system itself is inexpensive and easy to assemble.