Panasonic develops catalytic water purification technology

At last year's Ecoproducts-2014 exhibition in Tokyo, Panasonic presented a unique water purification unit. As you know, millions of people in many countries of the world experience a shortage of drinking water, and, for example, in India, up to 70% of water is consumed directly from natural sources without proper treatment.

This technology combines the use of sunlight and photocatalysts. In the installation, titanium dioxide reacts with ultraviolet radiation, resulting in the formation of zeolites, minerals that provide ion exchange.

As a result of the reaction, photocatalytic particles are scattered throughout the water and in a short period of time they are purified in a large volume. The main feature of this method is that there is no need to use drugs for cleaning.

Panasonic plans to release mobile and stationary versions of the photocatalytic water treatment plant. In the first case, it will be based on a truck, and in the second - in the form of stationary treatment facilities.