Goodyear unveils photosynthetic concept car tire

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Goodyear has unveiled an unusual concept for the Oxygene automobile tire, which collects energy through photosynthesis. The company has previously come up with ideas for innovative tires that can convert heat and motion into electric current, spherical tires that allow sideways movement, and even one version equipped with artificial intelligence.

Oxygene will use Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) technology to connect to the Internet of Things. The tire will "inhale" CO 2 from the air and roadside moisture, feeding the moss in the side walls, which, in turn, will "exhale" oxygen into the atmosphere.

In addition, the tire in the process of photosynthesis captures energy and uses it to power its electronic devices - on-board sensors, a safety indicator and an artificial intelligence processing unit. The rest of the received energy Oxygene will use on Li-Fi to connect to the Internet of Things to communicate with other cars and road infrastructure. The tread will be 3D printed using rubber powder from recycled tires.

According to Goodyear experts, in a city the size of Paris, with 2.5 million cars with Oxygene tires, it will be possible to produce 3000 tons of oxygen per year from 4000 tons of recycled CO 2.

Of course, we are talking about a revolutionary concept, and if it can be implemented, the air in megacities will become much cleaner in the near future.