Aleph Farms launches the world's first synthetic meat steak

For the first time, artificial meat, laboratory-grown biomass from animal muscle cells, was presented to the world back in 2013. But it was minced meat, a set of dissimilar particles that were associated with "meat" with great stretch. Now the Israeli startup Aleph Farms is ready to feed discerning guests with steaks from a full-fledged product - the new "meat" has fibers, whole structure, density, etc.

A startup is a commercial project, and therefore the main subtleties are kept secret. In general, the technology of growing meat in a test tube is well known. It is necessary to take living tissues from a donor organism, place them in a nutrient medium and stimulate their growth. However, there is a catch - it is not a fact that the cells will grow as in a single organism, the output can still be the same shapeless biomass.

The authors of the Aleph Farms project claim that they were able to reduce the time of growing meat from the moment of planting samples to serving up to 3 weeks. But there is a nuance - the cook cuts the initial product into thin pieces, which are thoroughly fried. You won't see a thick, juicy piece of beef from a test tube. Only an analogue of real meat, identical to it up to the last cage - but in the form of prepared fragments.

According to some estimates, it will take 3-10 years to create a full-scale production of artificial meat on an industrial scale, to be able to compete with the traditional one. The potential benefit is extremely high - this is an extremely promising product, in the manufacture of which substances hazardous to the environment were not used, animals were not killed, and no one’s rights and laws were violated.