Toyota will build its own "city of the future" in Japan

Toyota has announced the creation of a whole new corporate city called "Woven City". It will be located in a former manufacturing facility at the foot of Mount Fuji and will be a grand simulator or model of the city of the future. In fact, it will be a full-fledged settlement for testing new urban infrastructure technologies.

Woven City is a 70 hectare landfill with a perfect layout. The architecture is secondary, the main thing is the filling of the city, which consists of cars for different purposes and degrees of autonomy. People will also be here, about 2000 people, but they will be assigned the role of "testers" - instead of ordinary life, they will perform a series of tests, evaluating the effectiveness of new technologies.

The main inhabitants of Woven City are robots, mainly drones and mobile components of the smart home system. The vacuum cleaner will coordinate the cleaning schedule with the arrival of the garbage truck, the kitchen robot will order the delivery of new products, and the transport platform will bring them from the store's warehouse. No manual vehicles or systems, only zero-emission drones will be on the road.

However, a place is also provided for cyclists and pedestrians, and the roads are divorced so that no one intersects with anyone. The details were entrusted to the Danish architect Bjarke Ingals, and Toyota will tell in more detail about the Woven City device before launching the project in 2021.