Nestle launches its own plant-based sausages

Nestlé says it will now include sausages alongside “alternative” hamburgers on its plant-based product list. The version, which has already gone on sale in the US, is a pea protein sausage branded Nestles Sweet Earth. The product will come in three flavors: Habanero Cheddar, Asian Ginger Scallion and Chikn Apple, which will go on sale in April.

In Europe, the soy sausage will be sold under the names Bratwurst and Chorizo. In addition to soybeans, sausages contain beets, carrots, peppers, rapeseed and coconut oils. The new products will be launched as part of an alternative range of ersatz meats under the Garden Gourmet brand and will be available to customers in 11 European markets, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, also starting in April.

After retailing, Nestlé will also release versions of both sausages for restaurants and food service establishments. Those who do not like sausages will be able to purchase an updated range of products, which will include other plant-based meat delicacies.