Yamaha Unveils Innovative Motorcycle Water Drive Concept

In 2016, Yamaha sponsored a graduation project that evolved over time into a concept motorcycle with an innovative drivetrain. It is based on water or a similar liquid. Recent rumors point to preparations for a working prototype. Confirmation or denial has not yet followed, so it is worth focusing on the technology itself.

The main idea is to use thin tubes of water instead of a bulky and outdated chain drive, which will rotate the drive wheel with the help of an impeller. Water is set in motion by an electric pump, circulates in a closed circle and is actually a working fluid in the system. It can be replaced with any suitable fluid, therefore it is more correct to call the system "fluid drive".

In 2018, the Australian company Ferox has already presented a similar Azaris technology, the efficiency of which was an impressive 98%. The engineers prided themselves on a drive that could transmit torque with instant response and was compatible with a variety of motors. In addition, the water hub propeller for the wheel is 60% lighter than its electric counterpart, which allows it to be carried much further from the center.

Alas, hydraulic systems also have weak points. The same Ferox quickly faded into the shadows after the enchanting presentation of its development. Hopefully, Yamaha has solved most of the technology's problems and can actually create a prototype liquid-drive bike.