About a million viruses are thrown onto the Internet every day

Reports from Internet security companies from Symantec and Verizon show an increased activity by cybercriminals, who continue to act faster than those who oppose them. According to Symantec, there were 317 million malicious programs recorded on the Internet last year, an average of about a million each day.

Verizon analyzed the main cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As it turned out, the work of fraudsters is largely facilitated by Internet users themselves, who stubbornly refuse to take into account old computer errors. Almost 90% of unauthorized infiltrations on the websites of various companies have been committed on the trail of errors since 2002.

It remains only to be surprised at the irresponsibility of IT managers, who devote most of their time to improving widgets in their workplaces.

Compared to 2013, the activity of hackers has grown by 40%. Mining and energy companies have been targeted most often.

Symantec CEO Samir Kapuria gave an example of how hackers infiltrated the computer network of an energy company and stole a draft of a classified report. Shortly thereafter, the kidnappers tried to sell the report. The company was saved by the fact that its management declared this information to be false.