Russia began to ban "dangerous" anime

In St. Petersburg, state prosecutors obtained a verdict from the Kolpinsky District Court to ban the distribution of the anime Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul and Inuyashiki. The ban so far applies to only three websites, but human rights activists believe that this is just the beginning. 5 lawsuits were filed at once, in which 49 online sites with objectionable content appear.

In the lawsuits, Japanese "cartoons" are criticized for romanticizing concepts such as death, violence, murder and torture. The listed anime are widely known among the target audience for deliberately explicit scenes of sexual crimes, psychological violence, plus propaganda for the destruction of people as a solution to teenage problems. Such content, according to experts, initially carries a destructive charge and harms the psyche of young people.

The main problem is not the anime themselves, but the conditions for their distribution. The same Death Note received a rental certificate back in May 2009, but it expired in April 2011 and now this anime does not meet the requirements of the updated age limit of the Russian Federation. However, on the sites appearing in the lawsuit, it was posted without any restrictions and was freely available. Which was presented as a clear violation of the law - the law enforcement agencies used their powers to protect the young audience from “dangerous” content.