Police Record Big Rise in Facebook and Twitter Crime

Recently, the UK police have recorded a rapid increase in crimes on Facebook and Twitter. Of particular concern to law enforcement officers are allegations of sexual crimes, harassment and death threats. Moreover, the indicators of the past 2014 were many times higher than the results of the previous year.

In 2014, the largest police units received 1.27 million reports of crimes in which Facebook was mentioned, while in the previous two years there were only about 934, 000. One of the leading experts in the fight against cybercrime Tonya Anthony frankly admitted:

"Everything is very simple. The achievements of modern technologies have become available to millions and this is a part of everyday life. It is important that the victims of crime are confident that we can bring the perpetrators to justice. ”

She is supported by Paul Ginassi of the National Council of Police Chiefs:

"Anyone who is harassed on social media should contact the police with the site, and we will definitely start an investigation."

An example of effective action by the British police was the incident with the Labor Party MP Stella Creasy and the feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez, whom the attackers literally bombarded with tweets with insults and threats. The timely intervention of law enforcement forces made it possible to prosecute three offenders.