Tinder Launches Campaign to Unite Survivors

Dating app Tinder is launching a new option since October. Within the framework of weekly thematic events, the so-called "Swipe Night" campaign will be held. It will bring together those who are passionate about survival in the face of the apocalypse.

Interest in the topic of the end of the world is not accidental, on the contrary, it is the result of research by the "Z Team" - a special team of marketers at Tinder, which is engaged in attracting "Gen Z" (a term used to refer to the generation of people born after about 1995 - approx. ed. Techcult). One of the features of this generation, born at the turn of eras, is the constant expectation of new, not always pleasant changes. Therefore, in this environment, the topics of survival in the event of all kinds of cataclysms and disasters are very popular - from a global nuclear war to a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

The seriousness of the intentions of the Tinder management is also evidenced by the following fact: the composer and video director Karina Evans was invited to work on the media design of the action. She is known for creating the most impressive music videos for singer Drake. The app developers also have an additional argument - those who are preparing to survive alone hardly spend a lot of time getting to know someone on the street. App is another matter entirely, especially if there is already a common topic of conversation.