End of support for Adobe Flash leads to the stop of an entire railroad in China

In the city of Dalian in northern China, a local emergency occurred last week - the local railway was stopped for as much as 20 hours. The reason was a large-scale failure in the control system, which caused the disabling of the Adobe Flash plug-in. It sounds paradoxical, but it is a fact - built many years ago on the basis of available software, this system has not been updated since then.

Perhaps the consolation of Chinese railroad workers is that they were far from the only ones who missed disabling Adobe Flash. They began to warn about this back in 2017, and new reminders came regularly, but many system administrators in the world acted according to the principle “Does it work? Don't touch it! " As a result, the complete termination of the plugin on January 12, 2021 was an unpleasant surprise for many.

One shouldn't be surprised how the Chinese programmers managed to organize the full-fledged work of the railroad in Flash - for all its fundamental shortcomings, it is a very flexible tool. And in the past decade, a lot of services have actually been running on it. Therefore, after the emergency, the administrators of the Dalian Railway did not think of anything better than downloading an old pirated version of the same Flash, but without a built-in shutdown timer. In 20 hours it was installed on all computers, and the railway started working again as usual.