Toothpaste with peptides is able to fill holes in teeth

Probiotics are in vogue today, and the means based on them promise a great future - from a pill from Alzheimer's disease to toothpaste, which, with constant use, itself neutralizes carious cavities in the teeth. Without a visit to the dentist and torture with a drill. A working version of such a tool was presented by scientists from the University of Washington.

Professor Mehmet Sarikaya's team focused on working with peptides, short chains of amino acids, specifically from amelogenin. It is a protein that is key to the formation of the outer hard layer of tooth enamel. If the ratio of calcium and phosphate ions is correctly selected, it will be possible to ensure that the peptides not only settle on the surface of the tooth, but biomineralize. And they will fill the micro-cavities from which caries develops.

In tests, a single treatment of teeth with a peptide mixture led to the deposition of 10-50 micrometers of a protective layer on the enamel. Scientists believe that this is quite enough to more than compensate for the deformation of the enamel under daily stress. True, a big hole "to cover up" in this way, alas, will not work - toothpaste with peptides refers to prophylactic, not healing agents.

However, the main achievement of Professor Sarikaya is not the treatment of caries, but progress in the controlled remineralization of tooth enamel. The peptide mixture can form the basis of a wide variety of dental gels, ointments, etc. And it will allow you to take one more step towards refusal of surgical intervention in favor of sparing means when eliminating dental problems.