Italian Automotive Company Developed a Writing Pen with Unlimited Life

As you know, humanity has not yet been able to create a perpetual motion machine. But there has been a breakthrough in the creation of writing pens with an unlimited resource. And what is most interesting, the Italian company Pininfarina, better known as a designer and manufacturer of car bodies, succeeded in this.

The aluminum body of the handle is tapered with a natural wood insert. Unlike conventional fountain pens, the novelty lacks a hollow ink refill. The function of the writing unit is assigned to a metal rod made of alloy ethergraph, the resource of which, according to the developers, is practically eternal.

When the pen comes in contact with the paper, tiny particles of silver-colored metal remain on it, which penetrate deeply into the structure of the paper and cannot be removed with an eraser. The "eternal" pen will be sold with a notebook made from a unique eco-friendly material "stone paper", created on the basis of stone powder.

The mood of the developers of the wonderful pen was nevertheless slightly spoiled by some ill-wishers, who saw in it a similarity to the Vat 19 Inkless Metal Pen, which was released four years earlier.