Sharp develops freeform display

Display technology has taken a significant step forward over the past decade. Modern screens consume very little power and are capable of displaying 4K images. They can be unbreakable with a thickness of only a few millimeters and have a touch-sensitive surface. Even curved panels have begun to appear in recent years. But whatever one may say, displays have always remained four-sided rectangles.

Sharp decided to correct the omission and introduce a new display format - freeform. Imagine a liquid crystal panel made in a complex shape. That is, such a display may not have corners at all, if necessary.

The free-form display was developed by combining IGZO-TFT technology with a new patented PCB design. In other words, the breakthrough is in the separation of the control circuit and the screen area. As a result, it became possible to create screens with the maximum usable area without frames and strokes. And most importantly - any shape. Such displays have great potential in the field of wearable electronics. After all, now there is no need to hide unused panel space behind decorative shells.

Sharp has not announced the date of the start of mass production of the new displays. It only says that it will happen "as soon as possible."