Exoskeleton Will Turn Korean Worker Into Iron Man

We have already seen the idea of ​​an exoskeleton many times in various science fiction films, from Aliens to Iron Man. But now science fiction has begun to come true. The South Korean corporation Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering invites shipyard employees to test new robotic exoskeletons on themselves.

The exoskeleton can be used by workers with a height of 155 to 180 cm. The weight of the suit is 28 kg, but thanks to hydraulic joints and electric motors, a person does not feel this weight. The exoskeleton's battery lasts for about three hours.

So far, the suit's capacity is not too high and allows lifting a weight of no more than 30 kg, but a leading engineer at Daewoo said that in the future it is planned to increase the carrying capacity of the exoskeleton to 100 kg. However, there were some difficulties. As of now, the suit cannot be used on slopes and slippery surfaces. If these problems are successfully resolved, new fantastic perspectives will open up for the person again.