Graphene scanner will help art critics and restorers

It is no secret that sometimes a thorough external examination (even at high magnification) is not enough to assess the condition or authenticity of a work of art. In this case, a deeper study will be required using the most modern technologies to penetrate the internal structure of a painting or sculpture.

A group of scientists at the University of Oviedo (Spain), within the framework of a joint European research project, has developed a unique graphene scanner.

According to one of the research participants Yannick Franken, thanks to the created device, scientists were able to see the original, original colors of the studied works of art, hidden under a later painting. The scanner, as it were, illuminates these layers from the inside, creating at the same time their volumetric images.

The main task of scientists, according to Franken, is to bring together the scattered images obtained, which requires the most careful - to tenths of a millimeter - adjusting the device.

In the future, the researchers will be engaged in the development of technology that allows obtaining three-dimensional models of art objects, which will provide irreplaceable assistance in the work of art historians and restorers.