Scientists have calculated how much energy people need for a fulfilling life

A group of researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria carefully studied the situation with the rate of energy production and its consumption in different countries. They came to the conclusion that it is time for humanity to slow down, if not stop at all, the growth of energy generation. Because, according to their calculations, we are already producing much more than we need.

When studying the situation, the researchers proceeded from the fact that it is necessary to provide an acceptable, and better - a comfortable standard of living for all people on the planet. They analyzed how much energy it takes, and they were very surprised at how low-cost most of the services and services turned out to be. Yes, the construction of a new road requires a lot of investment and cost, but its operation will be very cheap if everything is done rationally.

The problem is that just the rational use of energy resources is not observed in the world. In every country there is rivalry, far from fair competition, inadequate demand for energy - and no less inadequate attempts to satisfy this demand. As an example, the researchers cite India, where generation is about 18 gigajoules per capita, and the real need, according to calculations, is only 7 GJ for a modest life and 12-15 GJ for a well-fed and comfortable one.

That is, in India, a country of contrasts, with a huge number of poor peasants and many millionaires, almost twice as much energy is already being generated than is needed. This means that it is necessary to reduce generation, and direct efforts to optimize the existing outdated systems. How exactly to do this is a difficult question - everywhere there are situations with their own characteristics. But it is definitely necessary to reduce the generation of energy.