The wind slowed down the global warming process

The process of global warming, which everyone is talking about, is gradually slowing down. This is due to strong Pacific winds. This conclusion was made by scientists from Australia and the United States.

A group of ten scientists have found the reason for the slowdown in the rate of warming, which has been recorded since 2001. In their opinion, the main reason for this phenomenon lies in the trade winds, which have intensified over the past two decades. It was they who led to the fact that warm currents go deep into the ocean (to a depth of 125 meters), and cold water, rising to the surface, absorbs more and more heat.

Experts note that in the current situation, the powerful trade winds will last for about five more years. This is enough to make a pause in the growth of the average annual temperature of the surface layer of the Earth's atmosphere and the World Ocean. However, then rapid warming and climate change will inevitably follow.