Instead of watermarks - nano-drawing

Specialists of the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, under the leadership of Professor Sergei Maksimovsky, continue to work on the creation of nano-drawings, which will soon replace the usual watermarks on bank plastic cards, Russian banknotes and other important documents.

The new unique technology is called "nanocrystallization in laser plasma". Its essence is the ultrafast growth of metal nanocrystals using a powerful pulsed laser.

First, microscopic holes about 10 microns in diameter, half a sheet in depth, are burned in the paper. The parameters of the laser pulse are impressive - about 3500 ° C with a duration of 0.001 seconds, which prevents the paper from igniting, but melts the metals, which begin to cover the walls of microscopic pores with crystals.

One such pore can accommodate up to 1000 crystals about 100 nanometers in size, oriented in a certain direction. This process is activated by the molecules formed during the flash of water vapor. From many thousands of pores, like from a mosaic, the desired pattern is formed, which, when illuminated at different angles, begins to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

According to Russian physicists, this technology will prove to be very useful when creating a domestic payment system and will be too tough for even the most skillful and sophisticated counterfeiters. Indeed, in order to counterfeit a banknote with a nano-drawing, deep knowledge of physics and at least 6-7 years of hard work will be required.

In addition to Russian financial structures, a number of clothing and spirits manufacturing companies have already become interested in the novelty, which incur huge losses due to counterfeiting of their branded labels.