The bra that sends messages to Twitter invented in Greece

What could be in common between a chocolate maker, lingerie and a social network? The fact is that they are all involved in a social campaign to prevent breast cancer. The focus of the campaign was a specially designed high-tech bra that sends out tweets when the clasp is released.

The development of such an unusual item was initiated by the well-known company Nestle, which ordered a public service advertisement from the Greek advertising agency OgilveyOne Athens aimed at increasing the degree of medical responsibility among women.

While there is a wide range of monitoring options for teenage children, the design goal of the Twitter Bra is different: to remind women to have their breasts tested every month.

One piece of the "smart" bra is currently worn by the popular Greek TV presenter Maria Bakodimou. Every time her bra is unfastened, he sends a message via his cell phone to Twitter. You can track them by the #tweetingbra hash tag.