Electrodes on the feet will tell the pedestrian in the right direction

The expression "Feet will bring themselves" today does not sound so fantastic after a group of German engineers from the University of Hanover developed an electronic device that "prompts" the feet in the correct direction of movement.

It is worth starting with the fact that the device knows the way thanks to the connection to the GPS. The device also has a wired connection to the sartorius muscle, which runs through the thigh and is "responsible" for turning the leg.

In case of deviation from the route, an electrical impulse stimulates the sartorius muscle, and it makes a "turn" of the leg in the desired direction. And he does it without causing any discomfort.

According to one of the researchers, Max Pfeiffer, such a device could be useful for long-distance runners in open areas at the intersections of unfamiliar paths. The system can be targeted to any user.

In the future, the device can be used when evacuating from crowded places or by elderly people experiencing problems with orientation in space.