British scientists have invented a gadget for diagnosing cancer by breathing

Doctors keep repeating that early diagnosis of oncological diseases is the key to a successful treatment outcome. To facilitate easier diagnostics, British scientists announced the development of a gadget that detects signs of cancer by the patient's breathing.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge are working on a unique apparatus that can diagnose cancer by breathing. They have already managed to create a test sample of a stationary device. And in a couple of years, they intend to release its mobile version, which will be compact in size and will receive support for modern mobile devices. True, its creation will require serious investments.

Owlstone, which was created about ten years ago by Cambridge graduates, is directly involved in the development of the device. For a long time, she was engaged in the production of devices for oil and gas companies and anti-terrorist structures, which made it possible to determine the level of pollution and the presence of explosives.

The company shifted its focus to medicine after co-founder Billy Boyle's girlfriend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. According to statistics, if the disease is detected at the first stage, then the chances of survival are about 90%. In the fourth stage, the odds drop to six percent.