CES 2016: a toilet that only needs to be cleaned once a year

Thousands of visitors to CES 2016 with curiosity and admiration looking at its expositions should surely get the impression that there is no longer a corner left untouched by high technologies in modern homes. The toilet was no exception.

The Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer Toto has unveiled a prototype of the Neorest toilet bowl, which is able to clean itself. To do this, it uses a special coating that combines a disinfectant and a glaze based on zirconium and titanium dioxide. Toto spokesman Leonora Campos explained during the presentation:

“During the flushing process, the water becomes electrified, turning into a weak bleach that kills virtually all germs. Then, using ultraviolet irradiation, the toilet lid and toilet seat are disinfected. Thus, this toilet can be cleaned no more than once a year. ”

To all it is worth adding the supply of warm water and a stream of scented air, heated toilet seat and automatic lifting of the lid.

Neorest costs $ 9800, but even with such a high price, the previous versions have sold over 40 million units.